Sunday at 2pm (every 2 weeks)

An informal meetup for Software Engineers of all experience levels

We're a community of non-traditional Software Engineers, Data Scientists, PMs, college dropouts, and career-switchers. Our goal is to be the best meetup for Software Engineers and any hobby that involves code. Our typical events have self-taught hackers, current/ex FANG engineers, uni students, startup devs, fintech, bootcamp grads, and non-traditional tech folk of all ages, A-Z.

Expect to meet new people, offline job referrals, people hacking on cool side projects, and to oblige by the Code of Conduct.

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We're the #1 meetup in the tech/software/web categories on Meetup and actively persevere throughout the pandemic. We build trust and friendships with the force multipliers of the 21st century.

Our product is a Software Engineering community that assembles in-person 2x a month and communicates digitally over Discord.

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Our Principles


We facilitate helpful events toward your goals with new friends and acquaintances that can also help you on your code blocker or problem. if you're learning software development, work as a software developer, or just enjoy typing code into IDEs. You belong!


We have a written Code of Contact publicly available at the top of this page and abide by it. Organizers and volunteers take serious measures to ensure a safe environment that takes no outsiders, solicitors, or third-party recruiters.


We aim for an event every 2 weeks, we use qualitative and quantitative data to drive processes and iteratively improve every event to ensure an event happens every two weeks without a decline in quality.

Photos from Past Events

How it Works

1) Bring a laptop

All you need to bring is a laptop. We are VERY newbie-friendly, social, and look forward to developers interested in meeting more developers.

We provide a cozy seat, wifi, and cool people to meet! In the future we plan on hosting: job fairs, HHs, and hackathons.

2) Intro circle

At 2:30 pm, we form a circle to: state our names, mention programming languages/frameworks you can help with, and what you need help on.

Immediately after we have an optional circle for jobs hiring or people looking for a job

3) Code and Coffee

Break, grab some coffee, help a fellow coder with a side project, or ask about that new JS library she just mentioned. It's all up to you!

Code & Coffee partners with organizers that empower our community. Our organizers actively reflect on learnings from DC Code & Coffee